New ‘antisocial’ network Cloak helps avoid people using location data

Washington, March 18: A new anti-social network site called Cloak reportedly uses social check-ins and other geo-location information to help one avoid people they don’t want to see.

Soon after downloading Cloak, one can connect it with Foursquare and Instagram to know the whereabouts of the contacts on the mentioned networks through their most recent check-ins.

According to the Washington Post, the app is the work of programmer/”creative” Brian Moore and former Buzzfeed creative director Chris Baker, who seems to have specialized in vaguely misanthropic apps.

Baker wrote in an e-mail that while things like Twitter and Facebook are packed elevators where everyone’s crammed in together, anti-social stuff is on the rise, adding that people would be seeing more and more of these types of projects. (ANI)