Apple files app patent for making phones transparent for ‘clumsy’ iPhone users

London, Mar. 31: Tech giant Apple has reportedly filed a patent to create transparent phones, which would help clumsy iPhone users to see where they are going while working on their phones.

Apple has reportedly come up with a new technology for tech-dependent users, who can no longer put their device away, which would modify an app’s background to project live video images from the rear camera onto the screen.

According to the Independent, iPhone users would be able to see any obstacle looming up on them while they are walking and doing some work on their smartphone at the same time.

In patent designs, the familiar white background to an iMessage chat has been replaced by video, with the text bubbles either opaque or semi-opaque and the system would be activated through an in-app button, with easy adaptations for use in web browsers, or even iBooks, with text floating over the live background.

However, the proposed system would require users to point the smartphone directly in front of them, because the more orthodox phone-use would simply provide a megapixel view of the pavement, the report added. (ANI)