Berlusconi thinks being kind to dogs and cats will help party to win European elections

London, Mar 31: Italy’s disgraced former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi thinks that being kind to animals will provide his party with the boost it needs in the May European Elections.

In a phone call to one of the his fan clubs, the Rome-based Forza Silvio (Go on Silvio) Berlusconi said that they must strive to find a ‘father’ or ‘mother’ for the thousands of abandoned animals, adding that “dogs and cats will help us to win the European elections,” the Independent reported.

The tycoon said that his mass animal adoption scheme would mean “more than 10 million Italians who have a dog or cat will look on us with fondness, which will help the moderates become a strong political force, a majority.”

Never one to do things by halves, Berlusconi even cited Mother Teresa’s thoughts on animal welfare, saying “if we learn to love them as they deserve, we will be very close to God”.

The pet adoption plans comes as a poll carried out for Rai 3 television at the weekend showed Forza Italia had slipped into third place behind the centre-left Democratic Party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement. (ANI)