How Bill Clinton’s aides tried to tone down Monica Lewinsky scandal

Washington, March 30: Newly released documents about Monica Lewinsky scandal have revealed how aides to the then President Bill Clinton scrambled to address the situation.

Some of the most sensitive scandal-related documents of about 33,000 pages of records seem to have been not released, Politico reported.

Just a day after the scandal hit the mainstream media in January 1998, top Clinton aide Minyon Moore urged a shift in the “tone” of the State of the Union address Clinton was scheduled to give five days later.

Moore wrote in an e-mail to chief speechwriter Michael Waldman and communications adviser Sidney Blumenthal that she in her opinion it was going to be important in the State of the Union, that Clinton somehow articulated in his speech a tone that reflected restoring people’s faith and trust in him and the Presidency.

She wrote that Sylvia [Mathews, then-deputy White House chief of staff and now Office of Management and Budget director] spoke with Clinton and he did convey that he wanted them to be mindful of this tone.

Moore said that she has come to understand this in her own humble way as an oblique message of hope rooted in scripture, poetry and vision. (ANI)