Bill Gates regains ‘world’s richest person’ title

Washington, Mar. 04: Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has been reportedly named the ‘world’s richest person’ by Forbes yet again.

In Forbes’ latest ranking of billionaires, the finance publication puts Gates’ net worth at 76 billion dollars.

According to The Verge, Forbes said that Microsoft stock helped Gates unseat Mexico’s Carlos Slim, who held the top slot for four consecutive years.

However, Forbes has been listing Gates as the world’s richest man for 15 of the past 20 years.

With the coming of new CEO Satya Nadella, Gates still assumes an advisory role at the software giant and continue to focus his attention on various philanthropic projects including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the report added.

The top ten world’s richest people are:

1. Bill Gates- $76B

2. Carlos Slim Helu and family- $72 B

3. Amancio Ortega- $64 B

4. Warren Buffett- $58.2 B

5. Larry Ellison- $48 B

6. Charles Koch- $40 B

7. David Koch- $40 B

8. Sheldon Adelson- $38 B

9. Christy Walton and family- $36.7 B

10. Jim Walton- $34.7 B (ANI)