Coca Cola tops most-powerful brands list

Washington, Mar. 30: Coca Cola has toped the list of world’s most popular brands list.

CoreBrand’s analysis, which it the most powerful tech brand, has come out with the list of 100 most elite brands list for 2014.

Apple was ranked in the 10th spot, which was the most highest-ranking tech brand.

Apple rival Samsung is in the 68th spot, while BlackBerry is in the 149th spot and Google is in the 33rd spot.

Microsoft is at the 11th position, while Google, Yahoo, and Sony rank 26th, 28th and 31st, respectfully. was the biggest riser jumping 25 spots in one year.

The company tracks almost 1,000 corporate brands for at least five years based on familiarity and favorability to create a brand power score.

Here’s is this year’s top 10 brands:

1. Coca-Cola

2. Hershey

3. Bayer

4. Johnson and Johnson

5. Harley-Davidson

6. Walt Disney

7. PepsiCo

8. American Express

9. Kellogg

10. Apple(ANI)