Czech Republic to register football fans

Prague, March 25: Czech Football Association (FACR) chairman Miroslav Pelta and Education Minister Marcel Chladek agreed to form a working group to draft changes to legislation on taming football hooligans at stadiums.

Under the proposed legislation, police may return to the stadiums at least for risky matches, fans may be registered and be identified by chip cards along the Netherlands’ model, reports Xinhua.

A Czech top League match between Banik Ostrava and Sparta Praha held Saturday night, in Ostrava, north Moravia, was disturbed by raging rowdies.

Police detained 31 people. Six of them have been charged and other charges may follow gradually, said police spokeswoman Gabriela Holcakova Monday.

After the Saturday incident, Pelta and Chladek said they had lost patience and vowed to finish the relevant work.

“We will conduct talks with the state on the police being again at the stadiums and being the first to intervene. The police should not only wait for what the organisers do. Then it is too late,” said Pelta.

“So many such incidents have occurred. I have lost patience with this. I ask how much longer shall we wait? Until someone is killed? We must clearly intervene,” said Chladek. “Before the police come to the stadium, one half of it may already be on fire.”

“We have agreed on the formation of a working group that will deal with this from the viewpoint of legislation and it will subsequently create a proposal to be submitted to the government,” said Chladek, adding that the group would include representatives from the government, the FACR, the police, the Czech Olympic Committee (COV), the Czech Union of Sports and the UEFA.