Defected North Korean women reveal emotional struggle

London, Mar. 9: North Korean women, who defected to South Korea, have revealed their struggle living in the highly secretive country.

Tom ark International Women’s Day, Sky News traveled to South Korea to get rare behind-the-scenes access to a primetime TV programme called ‘Now On My Way To Meet You’.

According to the report, it is part chat show, part talent contest, and the contestants are all female defectors from North Korea.

Nearly 70 percent of people to escape North Korea are female. Each of them now has a new life in South Korea.

According to the report, they have taken advantage of a pledge by the government in Seoul to provide passports, housing and rehabilitation to all North Korean defectors.

One of the contestants, who was once a nurse in the North Korean military, explained how hard it was to escape.

She revealed crossing China over nine times, adding that the last time she crossed over was when her baby was two.

She and her baby daughter were separated and sold on their escape across the border to China.

Kim Young Chul is a well-known South Korean comedian and a regular contributor to the show.

He explained the programme allows the North Koreans the chance to talk about their past lives, adding that it is an education for the South Korean viewers.

He added sometimes while working with the defectors, he feel so sad and cry several times after knowing their really sad stories, the report added. (ANI)