Dutch architects use giant 3D printer to build houses

Washington, March 15: Dutch architects are reportedly building full-size houses using a giant 20-foot-tall 3D printer.

The architects are planning on creating whole rooms that can be assembled into unique, customized houses with the help of a printer called KamerMaker.

According to Cnet, the project, known simply as the “3D Print Canal House,” uses a super-sized version of the popular in-home 3D printer made by Ultimaker.

The machine has been commissioned by Dutch architectural firm Dus to take the scale-model rooms it was already 3D-printing and turn them into the real thing.

Dus co-founder Hans Vermeule said that a rapid building technique was needed to keep up the pace with the growth of the megacities and the 3D printing could be that technique.

Meanwhile, the home-building site is accessible to public and people can see the printer in action for 2.50 Euros. (ANI)