EU to reduce energy dependency on Russia

Brussels, March 22: The European Union (EU) said Friday that it would reduce Europe’s high gas dependency rates to the external markets, notably on Russia.

“Reducing our energy dependency, especially with Russia, was a key topic in our deliberations,” Xinhua quoted European Council President Herman Van Rompuy as telling media following the EU summit.

The European Council called on the Commission to conduct an in-depth study of EU energy security and to present by June 2014 a comprehensive plan for the reduction of EU energy dependence.

It requests the plan should reflect the fact that the EU needs to accelerate further diversification of its energy supply, increase its bargaining power and energy efficiency, continue to develop renewable and other indigenous energy sources and coordinate the development of the infrastructure to support this diversification in a sustainable manner, including through the development of interconnections.

It also requests the member states to show solidarity in case of “sudden disruptions” of energy supply in one or several member states.