Ferguson’s illegally translated autobiography selling like ‘hot cakes’ in Iran

London, Mar. 25: Former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson’s fans in the Middle East have been reportedly purchasing copies of his autobiography that has been illegally translated into Farsi by the locals, in large amounts.

Football obsessed translators in Iran reportedly spent two weeks to translate the entire transcript of My Autobiography to sell it in the market.

According to the Daily Star, A source said that United fans in Tehran got hold of a PDF of Ferguson’s autobiography on the day it was published and spent two weeks translating it and printed it in Farsi, all without the official publishers knowing about it.

Ferguson however, would not be making any money with the illegally translated copy of his autobiography selling for 25 pound-a-piece.

Iran and its imam religious leaders do not observe copyright laws on foreign books, as they have reportedly never signed the international treaties, which protect writers against copyright theft.

Ferguson’s book has been translated into 35 languages because of the huge fan-base Manchester United has, with one in seven being the club’s fan that roughly comes out to be 10 million people, the report added. (ANI)