Forming political alliances for power not on PDP’s agenda: Mehbooba Mufti (Update:PSP)

Srinagar, Mar 22,:Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed has said that forming alliances with political parties for power is not her party’s agenda.

Rather, she said, the objective would be to persuade other parties to come up with a resolution on the Kashmir issue.

Addressing media persons here, she said that power was not the main agenda of her party in the upcoming polls.

“Parliamentary elections for PDP, is not about making alliances to be in power. We are not interested into who is going to form the government there, but we have a definite agenda which we will follow, that is, to bridge the trust-deficit, to use the parliament forum, as well as the forum outside, for the resolution of Kashmir,” she added.

The Peoples Democratic Party has been blaming the government led by Omar Abdullah’s National Conference (NC) party for failing to resolve the problems in the state and increasing tensions in the region.

It has accused the NC of just pleasing their ally, the ruling Congress, at the Centre.

“I said we are not talking about any alliance for power, but as far as a resolution is concerned, we are going to approach all the political parties in Delhi. Not only the ones who have been in power, like the UPA (United Progressive Alliance), the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) or the Third Front, but also those parties which are in the opposition. So, our agenda is very clear- no power agenda,” Sayeed added. (ANI)