France condemns attacks on Israelis

Paris, March 14: The French foreign ministry Thursday condemned Islamic Jihad militants’ attacks against Israeli communities, calling on both sides to show restraint to avoid escalating violence in the region.

After a daily press briefing, the ministry’s spokesman Romain Nadal denounced the rocket attacks of Jihad militants, recalling Paris’ refusal of “all forms of terrorism and its unwavering commitment to Israel’s security”, Xinhua reported.

“We call for restraint. An escalation of violence must be avoided so that the truce agreed upon in 2012 can be fully and swiftly re-established,” Nadal added.

Earlier in the day, Israeli Air Force struck targets in the Gaza Strip after Islamic Jihad group fired six rockets at western Negev.

After a three-year halt, Palestinian-Israeli peace talks resumed last July in a bid to reach a final accord.