George Michael says horrific time with paedophiles and bullies in prison was life changing

London, March 19: George Michael has revealed that he had a horrific time in prison when he was serving for the eight-week sentence at London’s tough Pentonville prison in 2010.

The singer was serving his time after he crashed his 4×4 into a Snappy Snaps store while high on drugs.

According to the Mirror, the 50-year-old singer admitted that he hardly came out of his cell with the “paedophiles and the bullies” all around, and staying there changed his perspective of life.

On the ‘Up Close with George Michael’ on Radio 2, Michael said that from the day after that crash happened, he started drug counselling, none of which he made public.

Michael also confessed to have broken off with his partner Kenny Goss, and said staying in jail inspired seven or eight of his songs. (ANI)