Helen Flanagan ‘working hard’ to get into size 6

London, Mar 5: Helen Flanagan is on a weight loss mission since Christmas and won’t stop cutting calories until she can squeeze her curves into a size 6.

In February, Flanagan, who is dating footie star Scott Sinclair, was overjoyed after transforming from a “curvy size 8 to a very slim size 8″, the Daily Star reported.

But the actress and model is still not satisfied with her already tiny body.

Speaking with new! magazine, the 23-year-old said she was hooked on Green Goddess shakes.

She claimed that the concoctions had been a contributing factor to her shifting the pounds.

She said that she’s a 6-8 now but she’ll be happy when she gets to a size 6, which should take about two to three weeks.

Flanagan has also been working very hard at the gym to get her booty into shape, saying that she has been working out every day for an hour. (ANI)