Huawei condemns NSA snooping on corporate network

Johannesburg, Mar. 24: Chinese telecom giant Huawei has reportedly condemned the alleged US snooping activities on its corporate network.

German magazine, Der Spiegel, had claimed that the US’ National Security Agency (NSA) snooped on the Chinese telecom giant, sparking tough reactions.

Huawei vice president and head of international media affairs, Scott Sykes, said that if the reported actions were true, Huawei condemns such activities that invaded and infiltrated into their internal corporate network and monitored their communications, News24 reports.

He said that Huawei was willing to work with all governments, industry stakeholders and customers to jointly address the global challenge of network security.

Meanwhile, the NSA justified its probing of Huawei by saying many of its targets communicate over Huawei products and this meant it had to keep up with the latest technology.

According to the magazine, former Chinese president Hu Jintao as well as the foreign and trade ministries in Beijing were among those targeted.

The claims made by the magazine are based on the classified documents revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has been credited with exposing the US government’s alleged indiscriminate mass surveillance operations.

The report added that the classified documents suggest that the NSA has invested an especially large effort into Huawei since 2009 and a special unit of the NSA managed to infiltrate about 100 locations on Huawei’s network and copy internal documents, including those related to customers and training procedures for engineers. (ANI)