Iran can be normal nation without n-aspiration: Israel

Vienna, April 1: Israeli President Shimon Peres said Monday that Iran “can become a normal country” if it dosen’t seek nuclear weapon.

Speaking to the reporters after the meeting with Austrian president Heinz Fischer here, Peres expressed his concerns over Iran’s nuclear programme, saying the comprehensive deal over Iranian nuclear program should ensure Iran won’t be able to build nuclear weapon, Xinhua reported.

“Nobody wants to see another Hiroshima in our time,” he noted, saying if the comprehensive agreement could be made to make sure Tehran have no atomic weapon plan.”Iran can become a normal nation like everyone else,”he said.

Peres was also reported to have met with IAEA chief Yukiya Amano during his visit to Vienna.

Israel has long accused Iran of developing nuclear weapon under cover of its civilian atomic program, while Tehran said Israel provide IAEA with fake documents on Iran’s Nuclear Program, misleading the agency’s inspection in Iran.

The world’s six major states and Iran will hold the third round of nuclear negotiation in Vienna April 8.