Iraqi-born Oz footballer accuses rival players of ‘racial, religious, cultural’ abuse

Sydney, Mar 9: An Iraqi-born Australian footballer has reportedly accused players of a rival club of racially, religiously and culturally abusing him during a match on Saturday, which will prompt an investigation from his club.

Sydney FC midfielder Ali Abbas was furious and protested in anger at the referee in the final minutes of the A-League Sydney derby against Western Sydney Wanderers and claimed that his outburst was triggered by what he alleged to be racial slurs.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Abbas said that footballers should focus on the game instead of attacking religions or culture, adding that people should respect the fact that he is from a different country and culture, just like he does.

The report mentioned that Abbas was victim of a number of strong challenges during the match, including an apparent blow to the head from Wanderers midfielder Iacopo La Rocca, but said the reason behind his anger was solely related to the words directed at him.

Football officials said that they will take the matter further if necessary and would speak with Abbas before deciding whether take the matter up with Football Federation of Australia. (ANI)