Kurt Cobain’s suicide re-examined by cops

London, March 21: Seattle police have confirmed that they re-examined late singer Kurt Cobain’s death, but have said that the case won’t be re-opened.

The police officials have revealed that although a cold-case detective did recently take another look at the evidence, no new findings were unearthed, the Independent reported.

It was earlier reported that cops would re-open the case after they developed four rolls of film that had been sitting for years in an evidence vault.

Police spokesperson Renee Witt said that files were dug up, but nothing new was found, and that the police plan to release the new photographs that were uncovered during the re-examination of the case.

Cobain,27, was found dead with a shotgun wound in the head and across his body at his home on Lake Washington Boulevard on 8 April 1994 and an investigation had concluded that he committed suicide three days before his body was discovered. (ANI)