Maoists kill four villagers in Jharkhand

Gumla, Mar 2: Maoists gunned down four tribal men of a family in Borang village of Jharkhand’s Gumla district on Saturday.

One of the members of the family, Lohra Urav said the incident took place at a time when everyone was present in the house.

“The entire family was inside the house when the Maoists attacked our house. They killed my elder brother. Then they broke inside the house and attacked my family,” said Urav.

The Maoists who were carrying weapons broke inside the house and brutally killed the four men. Although no reason has been ascertained yet, police suspect it to be a feudal dispute.

“Four people have been killed in Borang in Gumla district. The police reached there and examined. We are suspecting feudal dispute as the reason behind the incident,” said Superintendent of Police of Gumla, Bhimsen Tuti. (ANI)