Migrants study finds rampant ‘racism’ prevalent in Australia

Washington, March 24: Migrants living in Australia reportedly face high levels of ethnic or religious discrimination, a study has revealed.

The survey conducted by the Monash University has found that many migrants were scared of walking alone at night for the fear of becoming a victim of crime.

A mere 3 percent of recent migrants described Australians as caring, friendly and hospitable.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the survey is the latest in a series “mapping social cohesion” funded by the Scanlon Foundation and the federal government, and the first to allow researchers to compare the experience of recent migrants to the wider Australian population.

The survey comes as the Abbott government prepares to repeal part of the racial discrimination law.

Study author Professor Andrew Markus said that the findings showed that racial discrimination in Australia was not a minor matter, adding that more than 40 per cent of recent arrivals from a number of Asian countries report experience of discrimination over the last 12 months. (ANI)