Miliband leads tributes to deceased iconic Labour politician Tony Benn

London, March 15: Ed Miliband has reportedly led tributes to former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn, by calling him an “iconic figure of our age”.

Miliband said that the veteran left-wing campaigner, who died at the age of 88 after serving in the cabinet throughout the 1970′s, would be remembered as a champion of the powerless.

However, former Chancellor Denis Healey said the far-left views of his rival for the deputy leadership in 1981 had been “very damaging” for the Labour Party, the BBC reported.

He said that Tony Benn spoke his mind and spoke up for his values, whether one agreed with him or disagreed with him, everyone knew where he stood and what he stood for.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, and his predecessors Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, were also among those who paid tribute to Benn. (ANI)