‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Captain says missing Malaysian jet may have met catastrophe

Washington, Mar. 11: As the frenzied search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet continues, an aviation and safety expert has reportedly observed that whatever happened to the MH370 passenger jet was sudden and perhaps catastrophic.

Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger said that it was possible for the plane to be in distress and no communication made with officials on the ground.

The flight, with 239 people on board, went missing last weekend after about an hour of taking off from Kuala Lumpur enroute to Beijing.

The famed captain of the ‘Miracle of the Hudson’ flight landing in the New York said that the ‘black-box recorders’ would likely be found, as the Gulf of Thailand, where the last signals were received, is shallower than other bodies of water, such as the Atlantic Ocean, CBS News reports.

He further explained that some newer planes, like Boeing’s 787, have advanced live black box technology, which is designed to avoid the problem of lost flight recorders.

The Malaysian authorities are into a frenzied search for the missing aircraft, but there have been only false leads triggering suspicions about crash into the ocean and terrorism. (ANI)