Missing Malaysian jet continued to send signals hours after mysterious disappearance

Washington, Mar. 14: A latest lead in the week-long search for the missing Malaysian Airline passenger jet has reportedly pointed that the Flight MH370 continued to send signals for several hours after getting off radar.

Sources have revealed that the ill-fated jet maintained contact with satellites for several hours after disappearing from radar.

According to The Verge, this revelation has put forth new questions about the passenger jet with 239 people onboard might be.

The Flight 370 went off radar just 40 minutes after take off from Kuala Lumpur enroute to Beijing on Saturday last week, and authorities have since been trying to locate the plane’s debris in the Gulf of Thailand, where it is presumed to have crashed.

After reports about the aircraft’s satellite communication (SATCOM) system being online for roughly four hours after the loss of radar contact, the search area now is much larger.

It indicated that the plane could’ve remained in the air for some 2,200 miles based on the 777′s cruising speed, taking it as far away as Pakistan.

Numerous theories have emerged following the plane’s disappearance including sea crash, terrorism and even Bermuda Triangle-like situation. (ANI)