Modi targets Sonia, says don’t give lessons in patriotism

Biswanath Chariali (Assam) Mar 31: Calling Congress’ poll manifesto a ‘dhokhapatra’, Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday asked UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi not to question people’s patriotism.

Addressing a rally here, the Gujarat Chief Minister said: “Madam Sonia says some people are taking about patriotism, but do we have to go to Madam Sonia to learn about patriotism? Sonia ji we don’t need your certificate.”

The BJP leader further hit out at Sonia Gandhi for flip-flop over the Italian marines case and failing to provide safety to people from northeastern states living in Delhi.

“When two fishermen were killed by Italian soldiers, please tell me who helped them leave the country,” he said.

Attacking the Congress over the Nido Taniam death case, Modi said: “Sadly Congress lacks any shame. A boy from here was killed. When Madam Sonia came to the northeast, did she say a word on this.”

He further said that there will be no states where the ruling party will get seats in double digits after the Lok Sabha polls.

“Congress party has done nothing in past ten years of its rule. People of this country will teach Congress a tough lesson in this elections. I don’t think there will be a state in the country where Congress will get seats in double digits,” he added. (ANI)