Nepal plans to ease congestion on Mount Everest

Sydney, Mar. 24: Nepal’s Tourism Ministry has reportedly decided to ease traffic near the 8,850-metre summit of Mount Everest, which gets choked with scores of climbers during May.

Tourism Ministry official Mohan Krishna Sapkota said that one of the initiatives includes the introduction of separate fixed ropes for climbers ascending and descending near the summit.

According to, a team of government officials would also be posted at the base camp located at 17,380 feet throughout the spring climbing season to monitor climbers and coordinate with expedition leaders.

After years of criticism for not doing enough to manage the growing number of Everest climbers despite making millions of dollars in fees, Nepal’s Tourism Ministry has come up with these solutions.

The nine-member government team, including security personnel, would also be able to stop any trouble, like last year’s brawl between three foreign climbers and local Sherpa guides, as they would have the power to scrap the climbing permit and even order the climbers to leave the mountain.

The report added that the plan is to manage the flow of climbers working with expedition teams during the two or three opportunities in May when the weather is favourable for the climb above the South Col at 8,000 metres. (ANI)