North, South Korea exchange fire during North’s military exercises

Washington, March 31: Amid boiling tensions plaguing the Korean peninsula, North Korea reportedly fired near the South Korean maritime border inciting strong retaliation from South Korea, which in turn fired its own artillery shells into the North Korean sea.

The two countries exchanged fire after North Korea fired artillery shells in the South Korean waters during provocative live-fire exercises near the South Korean maritime border.

According to CNN, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) confirmed that some North Korean ordnance landed in South Korean waters, and that the South responded with fire.

The JCS confirmed that the North Korean offshore military exercise began around 12:15 pm (local time), adding that a part of North Korea’s shelling reached South Korean side of the NLL (Northern Limit Line) and South Korea responded with K-9 self-propelled guns into the North Korean waters above NLL.

Meanwhile, the claim comes two days after North Korea test fired its medium-range missiles into the sea. (ANI)