Pak least supports open Internet: Poll

Islamabad, Mar. 20: Support for an Internet without government censorship is strong in developing countries except Pakistan, a new poll has found

The Pew Research Center found that Pakistan recorded the lowest percentage of people 22 percent, but 62 percent of people polled gave no response or were undecided.

The research found a majority opposed government restrictions on online activity in 22 out of 24 countries surveyed, Dawn News reports.

Support was especially high among younger people and in countries with a high percentage of people using the Internet.

According to the report, 89 percent of those surveyed in Venezuela said they supported an unfettered Internet and at least 80 percent in Lebanon, Chile, Egypt, Argentina and Brazil felt the same.

The number of people who supported an uncensored Internet were high in Mexico at 79 percent, South Africa at 77 percent, Bolivia at 76 percent, Malaysia and the Philippines both at 73 percent and Nigeria at 72 percent.(ANI)