Paramilitary forces gear up to ensure fair and peaceful elections

Srinagar, Mar. 8: Chief of paramilitary force said on Saturday that any attempt to infiltration will be foiled and security personnel have geared up to ensure peaceful general elections which are scheduled for next month.

Inspector General of Border Security Force (BSF), P. S. Sandhu said that BSF will take prescient steps to thwart infiltration attempts.

“Attempts to infiltration will be thwarted and we will ensure that the infiltration, which is attempted, will be crushed. This is a yearly feature and we will make more efforts this year due to the fact that we have elections round the corner and we will ensure that fair, free and peaceful elections are held,” he said.

On being asked to comment on the increasing militancy in the Jammu and Kashmir province, Sandhu said the security forces have been up to the mark.

“I would slightly differ. I would say the success rate of the security forces has been very-very good. So as a result of which the encounters have increased in number and we are achieving greater success,” he added. (ANI)