Pele says pressure rides on Neymar’s shoulder to bring home World Cup for Brazil

Johannesburg, Mar. 11: Brazil’s all-time great footballer Pele has said that the pressure of bringing home the FIFA World Cup for the hosts would be on Brazil’s new striker Neymar.

Pele has reportedly revealed that the World Cup is a major opportunity for Brazil despite dark talks about stadiums not being ready on time.

According to News24, Pele said that Neymar, who would be playing his first World Cup, has a big responsibility on his shoulders and nobody knows what would happen in the World Cup.

Pele said that it was the best thing for Neymar to play in Spain and then come to Brazil as it was like him going off to university for six months and then coming back to the national team with a lot more experience behind his back.

Pele further said that the pressure is riding not just on Neymar, who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona, but on the whole team as well and quoted the hosts’1950 World Cup loss as Brazil’s ‘bad experience’ saying that the team is under pressure to overturn that defeat, the report added.

Pele, who earned his nickname ‘O Rei’ (The King) after scoring a hat trick against France in the 1958 semi-final, also hopes that Brazil will have an ‘excellent’ World Cup despite threats of violent street demonstrations of the sort that overshadowed last year’s Confederations Cup. (ANI)