‘Penitent’ Aamir hoping to play cricket before end of ban

Karachi, Mar 26: Banned Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Aamir is reportedly hoping to play domestic or club cricket before his ban ends.

Making his international debut at the age of 17 in 2009 at the World Twenty20 in England, Aamir soon became a subject of tall predictions of future greatness although it all turned sour in 2010 when he was implicated in a corruption scandal, which put his nascent career on an indefinite hold.

However, www.pakpassion.net reports that a much wiser and seemingly penitent Aamir is looking forward to a return to playing the game that he loves and his hopes would have been further enhanced by the news of amendments to the rules concerning banned cricketers being considered by the ICC.

Aamir is excited at the this latest development, which would allow him to play domestic or club cricket before his ban ends, saying that it would be fantastic if he could have the opportunity to train and play some cricket before his ban ends in September 2015.

Aamir, who was once tipped to be the rightful heir to the legacy of Wasim Akram, also said that to have that opportunity to re-launch his career a few months ahead of the ban could make a huge difference to him. (ANI)