Pistorius began sobbing, puking after ‘graphic’ image of Steenkamp’s body accidentally displayed

Sydney, Mar 14: Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius had reportedly started sobbing and vomiting when a close-up photograph of the body of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was accidentally shown to the courtroom on the eight day of his murder trial.

Distraught friends of Steenkamp could also be heard crying and comforting each other after the photograph was flashed up on the courtroom video screens as a court officer scrolled through images on his computer.

According to News.com.au, Pistorius, who claims he shot Steenkamp in the mistaken belief that she was an intruder, immediately began retching and sobbing, following which two court officers rushed to bring him a bucket.

The report mentioned that the video feed to the court was briefly turned off as Pistorius was comforted by his sister Aimee, who wiped tears from his face as he complained to his legal team about the image being shown.

Pistorius and Steenkamp’s friends first became distressed when a photograph of a section of door lying next to a pool of blood on the toilet floor was shown to the court, and the report mentioned that the second photograph, shown inadvertently later, was far more graphic and disturbing.

Photographs taken at the scene and shown to the court included furniture in the lounge room of Pistorius’s apartment that appeared to be splattered with blood, the report added. (ANI)