Robert De Niro teases Penn and Scorsese at charity event

New York, Mar.2: Robert De Niro recently teased his close friends Sean Penn and Martin Scorsese at a Hollywood charity event this Thursday.

After being introduced by Penn at the Unite4:Humanity gala on the Sony Pictures lot, De Niro said about him that he couldn’t say how much he appreciated Penn putting a suit on, the New York Post reported.

He told organizers that they had made a huge mistake giving him the award, asserting that it would have made a lot more sense if he were here presenting it to Penn, as there was no one whom he knew who walks the philanthropic walk more than him.

When Scorsese received the ‘Creative Conscience Award’, De Niro took a friendly jab at him asking the charity organizers if they had watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ (ANI)