Rupert Murdoch inducted into TV Academy Hall of Fame

Washington, March 13: Rupert Murdoch has been inducted into the U.S. Television Academy’s Hall of Fame, along with the likes of late Ray Dolby, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jay Leno.

While giving the media mogul’s introduction, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Katey Sagal said that Murdoch was “not a typical boss”, but rather one who made huge gambles and pushed boundaries at every turn, Fox News reported.

Rupert launched Fox News in 1996, eight years later it was the top rated cable news channel and has been the top ever since, Sagal asserted.

While giving his own speech, 83-year-old Murdoch said that he wished all the people to have a career like his that leaves them excited to jump out of bed even at his age.

Murdoch added that he took the risk of starting a new network and compete with established channels like CNN because he wanted to provide the consumer with as much choice as possible. (ANI)