Russia regrets UN resolution on Ukraine

Moscow, March 28: Moscow has expressed regret that Kiev and its foreign sponsors supported the UN resolution on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the Russian foreign ministry said Friday.

Referring to the UN General Assembly’s vote on the resolution, which does not recognise Crimea’s accession to Russia, Moscow said a “potential of Cold War era propagandist machine” was used to mask “the deepest political crisis in Ukraine” and to blame Russia for rising tension in Ukraine, Xinhua reported.

“(The) wide difference among the positions of the UN members, a big number of whom abstained or were absent from voting is eloquent evidence that the one-sided interpretation of events in Ukraine has not been accepted,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

On Thursday, the UN General Assembly adopted by 100 votes against 11 with 58 abstentions the Ukraine-submitted resolution calling not to recognise the change in status of Crimea.

Russia alleged pressure, political blackmail and economic threats were used to coerce UN members to support the resolution.

Describing the resolution as “counterproductive”, Moscow noted that the document would complicate the settlement of Ukraine’s domestic crisis. Russia urged “constructively-thinking and independent” countries to facilitate real stabilisation of the situation in Ukraine.

In Russia’s opinion, an anti-constitutional change of regime in Kiev, the destruction of the state’s system, the impotence of law enforcement institutions, extremists, mass human rights violations and a deepening economic crisis are the results of Western interference into Ukraine’s affairs.

It also called on the international community to recognise the outcome of the referendum in Crimea which “has already played its historical role” and therefore it was “useless to argue.”