Saadi Gaddafi apologizes to Libya in prison video for role in ‘acts of destabilisation’

Dubai, March 29: In an interview released by prison authorities, slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi Gaddafi has reportedly apologized to the Libyan people for his role in acts of destabilisation against the country.

The tape was filmed by warders at the capital’s Al Hadba prison, where Saadi and several other Gaddafi regime figures are being held and was aired by state television recently.

According to the Gulf News, Saadi, who was extradited to face a series of charges including crimes to keep his father in power before his overthrow in the Nato-backed uprising of 2011, asked for the forgiveness of the Libyan people and government.

The video was released in response to rumors that Saadi was being tortured in the jail.

Saadi said in the video interview that he wanted to reassure his family that he was in good health and was being treated well. (ANI)