Search area shifted after Flight MH370 found traveling ‘faster than estimated’

Washington, Mar. 28: The search area for the missing Malaysia Airline passenger jet in the southern Indian Ocean has been reportedly shifted after analysts pointed that the plane was travelling faster than previously estimated.

This new analysis of radar data prompted the investigators to move to an area 1,100 kilometers to the northeast.

According to CNN, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said that the data showed the plane travelling faster than estimated, resulting in increased fuel usage and reducing the possible distance the aircraft traveled south into the Indian Ocean.

This comes after latest satellite images from Japan and Thailand satellites pointed to separate potential debris fields in the southern Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, analysts said that the search area shift could be a sign that investigators are closing in on the missing plane’s whereabouts.

Although sightings have of potential debris objects have been reported by multiple satellite sources, there hasn’t been any extraction yet that could confirm whether the objects belong to the missing MH370 jet. (ANI)