Sibal lashes out at Modi, BJP for sidelining Advani

New Delhi, Mar 21,: Union Minister Kapil Sibal on Friday heaped scorn on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its internal feud, following senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani’s initial disinclination to contest from Gandhinagar.

“We knew this from the very beginning. More such bickering within the BJP is set to unfold soon. It has been his (Modi’s) idea to rule the country and ignore others, including the BJP. Perhaps, Modi has no idea that whenever, anyone any monarch had tried to rule the nation, the history has not been kind to them. It’s the people who will teach him a lesson,” Sibal said.

“What can I say on this, you should better go and ask Lal Krishna Advani, infact, I have complete sympathy with him,” Sibal added.

He also attacked the media for only promoting Modi and not listening to other BJP leaders.

On Thursday, BJP patriarch Advani accepted to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Gandhinagar constituency.

It was on Wednesday, when BJP had decided to field L.K Advani from Gujarat’s Gandhinagar constituency, overruling the stalwart’s desire to contest the elections from Bhopal. (ANI)