How social ties influences Hollywood movie awards winners

Washington, March 14: A new study has revealed that social ties affect who wins certain Hollywood movie awards.

The research done by University of Pennsylvania found that awards given by peers more often go to people who are heavily embedded in the “core” of the social network and these core members have many social ties to others in the film industry.

Researchers revealed that critics show no favoritism toward core members and may even prefer those on the periphery of the industry.

Sociology professor Paul D. Allison said that sociological theory suggests that the process of ‘making it’ in any field depends not only on individual merit, but also on the kind of audience that makes the judgments.

Allison said that their study found that peers are more likely to favor award candidates who are highly embedded in the field, whereas critics will not show such favoritism.

The study titled ‘Insiders, Outsiders, and the Struggle for Consecration in Cultural Fields: A Core-Periphery Perspective’ will be published in the American Sociological Review. (ANI)