South Africa to promote n-security at global summit

Cape Town, March 24: South Africa will promote nuclear security at the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), the country’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation said Sunday.

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, accompanied by Energy Minister Ben Martins, will lead the delegation to the global nuclear security summit to be held in The Hague between March 24-25, Xinhua quoted the department as saying.

“South Africa’s participation in the NSS process is informed by the shared vision of a world free of weapons of mass destruction, and in particular nuclear weapons.

“The 2014 Nuclear Security Summit takes place within this broader framework of South Africa’s triple objectives of nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation, and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy,” the department said in a statement.

Building on the 2010 Washington and 2012 Seoul summits, the main objective of the summit is to review progress achieved since the NSS process started in 2010, and to contribute to the strengthening of nuclear security through stronger national measures and improved international cooperation.