‘Squalid’ conditions may kill off 4,000 more workers before Qatar World Cup: Report

Washington, Mar 22: An international federation of trade unions has reportedly estimated that 4,000 more migrant workers could die before the 2022 FIFA World Cup gets underway and pointed the blame at the ‘squalid’ living conditions of the workers.

After visiting labor camps near the Qatari capital of Doha and drawing on data from the Indian and Nepalese embassies, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has issued the searing report chronicling the labor and human rights abuses unfolding in the host country of the World Cup.

According to the Huffington Post, the ITUC slammed Qatar as a country with ‘only a fa‡ade of a government’ and said that impoverished migrant workers from abroad are living in squalid conditions while beholden to employers who control their identification cards and exit visas.

Stating that the men work in ‘unbelievable heat’ six days a week, the report said that the migrants are now dying in ‘unprecedented numbers’ as they were being treated like ‘animals’ and ‘living like horses in a stable’, adding that workers are commonly supplied with salty water for cooking and bathing.

The ITUC said that a small number of Qatari power brokers have chosen to build the trappings of a modern economy off the backs of exploited and enslaved workers and added that the workers may also be forced by their employers to pay deposits of 275 dollars before taking vacation.

The ITUC is also calling upon Qatar and FIFA to abolish the kafala system, a form of sponsorship that bounds a foreign migrant worker to his or her host employer, and instead establish laws guaranteeing living wages and collective bargaining rights for workers. (ANI)