Sturridge offers ‘tutorial for fans’ on his dance goal celebration

London, Mar. 15: Liverpool forward Daniel Sturridge has said that he his going to give his fans ‘a tutorial’ on his dance goal celebration because people keep copying it wrong.

Sturridge is offering to teach his fans the unique dance, which the star has honed in the last 12 months involving dancing and swaying with the arms.

According to, the former Chelsea forward’s dance goal celebration looks easy, but it is difficult to pull off and Sturridge has said that he needs to ‘make sure’ that people do it ‘right’.

The striker has said that a lot of people are really bad at it adding that if somebody copies the dance one creates in a wrong way it makes the player ‘look bad’.

Speculations are that Struddige is planning a new celebration, which the star is likely to debut in the coming months. (ANI)