Tourists pinched by skyrocketing prices of airfare to Kashmir

Srinagar, Mar.26: Tourism in Kashmir is facing a major setback due to the recent air fare hike.

The abrupt increase in the airfare has made it unaffordable for most of the tourists eager to visit Kashmir.

A tourist from Gujarat, Beena Shah, conveyed her feelings that even when this is not the peak season, increased airfares are hitting their pockets.

“This is not the tourist season but still the airfare is very high. The rates of airlines are too high which hits the pockets of normal people. People think that at this time of the year, the rates will be less. Everyone has his own budget and when the budget faces a crisis due to high airfare, all the planning is disturbed thus causing disappointment.” Shah said.

The airfare for Srinagar has risen more than the airfare for international tours. A prominent travel agent of Kashmir, Hafez Ahmad Shawl, said that the ministry of tourism should take some immediate steps to curb the high prices.

“If Kashmir, Kerala,Rajasthan, need to be helped,the ministry of government of India and minister of civil aviation must take steps from time to time throughout India( to boost the tourism industry),” Shawl said.

Jammu and Kashmir has recently bagged the ‘National Tourism Award’ for 2012-13 in the ‘Best State-Comprehensive Development of Tourism’ category.

The Union Tourism Ministry gave the award to the state, appreciating the tourism sector of Jammu and Kashmir, which has developed leaps and bounds due to stringent efforts by locals and the provincial government.

Economically the cheapest and the best tourist destination. The hospitality of the valley is also well known and maintains the popularity of tourism sector. (ANI)