Trott says ‘mental burnout’, not depression behind ‘sudden’ withdrawal from Ashes tour

Johannesburg, Mar 15: England batsman Jonathan Trott has dismissed suggestions that he was suffering from depression when he withdrew early from England’s Ashes debacle in Australia, and said that ‘mental burnout’ was behind his sudden withdrawal.

Trott left the tour after England were thrashed in the first Test in November with what was reported to be a ‘stress-related’ illness.

However, Sport24 reports that Trott denied he was suffering from depression during his withdrawal from the squad in Australia, adding that he was mentally ‘burnt-out’ and was finding it difficult to operate completely or even half of what he was capable of.

The report mentioned that Trott’s second-innings dismissal by Mitchell Johnson at the Gabba was described by David Warner as ‘weak’, prompting the-England coach Andy Flower to accuse the hosts of being disrespectful to the ailing batsman.

Trott said that it is very difficult to put into words the emotions to walk away from an Ashes tour, adding that it was something that he never thought that he would have to do and he hopes that no other cricketer ever goes through anything like what he had experienced.

However, Trott defended his decision to walk away from the tour, saying that it was something that came about through no one else’s fault other than the situation he found himself in wanting to do so well for England.

Trott also said that he does not think there was anything else the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) or the players on tour could have done differently, adding that he tried his hardest and ended up finding out himself that he had nothing left to give. (ANI)