UAE student accidently develops unique vehicle for people with disabilities

Dubai, March 9: A student of UAE University has mistakenly built a unique foot-controlled vehicle that can enable people with upper torso disabilities to drive.

Reem Al Marzouqui, 23, explained to Gulf News that her course required her to find out how everyday items had been modified to ease people with special needs, instead, she misunderstood and thought it required her to make the modifications.

The ‘beautiful mistake’, as Reem’s professor called it, has enabled Marzouqui to participate in the Innovator 2014, an exhibition by the Technology Development Committee which encourages innovation among residents in the UAE.

The vehicle uses an air pressure pump in place of the hydraulic mechanism and its steering wheel can be operated with the feet.

Reem said that she has built a prototype that can reach the speed of up to 120 kilometres per hour, and is looking for investors to help her take the invention to the market. (ANI)