Unseasonal snowfall in Kashmir brings life to a standstill

Srinagar, Mar.14: Incessant unseasonal snowfall brought life to a standstill, forcing people to remain indoors and damaging property and cattle in Jammu and Kashmir.

After the recent incessant snowfall in the state, there has been an unprecedented dip in temperatures in the Kashmir Valley.

The minimum recorded temperature of the state has dipped below five degrees since the past four days.

Kashmir has witnessed unexpected snowfall of over seven inches over the past few days, particularly in capital Srinagar.

People could be seen warming themselves on roadsides to protect themselves from the chill. A white sheet of snow covered trees, roads and rooftops of houses in the mountainous region.

After nearly four decades Kashmir has witnessed such severe cold and snowfall in the month of March and some people blame it on global warming.

A resident of Srinagar, Gulaam Hasan, said he has never seen the temperature of Kashmir going so low.

“I saw so much snow for the first time in the month of March. So much damage has taken place here. Houses are falling down, cattle is dying. I have read in the newspapers. I have seen so much damage due to the cold in Kashmir. The tourists are not getting out of their hotels due to the cold,” said Hasan.

March is generally the month when the snow melts; but fresh snow in the beginning of the spring season has left locals befuddled.

Meanwhile, another resident of Srinagar Riyaz Ahmed complained that the state government was not doing anything for the people to enable them to fight the cold.

“We are facing a lot of problems due to the cold; people are not getting out of their houses. People are suffering and the government is making no arrangements. The government is only making tall claims,” said Ahmed. (ANI)