Vettel says ‘s**t’ new V6 turbo engines feel ‘quieter than a bar’

London, Mar. 28: Red Bull world champion Sebastian Vettel has reportedly used a derogatory swear word to describe the sound produced by the new V6 turbo engines.

Vettel, who won the last nine races of the 2013 season on the way to his fourth consecutive title, said that he was on the pit wall during the Australian Grand Prix race and it felt quieter than it is in a bar.

According to the BBC, the German racer branded the new nearly soundless cars as ‘s**t’ said that Formula One has to be spectacular and the low sound is not good for the fans, as it is one of the most important things in the sport.

Vettel said he during his childhood days when he went to see the cars live in free practice in Germany, the one thing he still remembers is the sound.

Vettel also said that he remembers how loud the cars were and he could feel the cars through the ground as it was vibrating adding that it is a shame that they do not have it any more because of the new rules.

The new rule changes in the Formula One racing requires a new V6 turbo engine which is quieter than the old naturally aspirated V8, the report added. (ANI)