Villagers in Kerala take part in bull race

Kochi, March 9: Villagers in Kerala took part in a bull race in paddy fields and bullock cart race as part of post-harvest celebrations with vigour and gaiety.

People of Kakkoor village near Piravom town in Kerala organised a bull race also known as ‘Maramadi’, during which farmers dashed along with their oxen. The infamous ‘bull fights’ of Spain can be compared with equally dangerous Maramadi.

The five-day festival saw participation of 14 teams this year and 40 teams for the cart race.

“This is going on since very old time; this year is the 124th year. This festival will be organised with joint cooperation of several village councils and the government next year,” said member of bull race organising committee, Sanal B Menon.

In this annual celebration, each racer has a pair of bulls which competes against others. The race is held on freshly ploughed and muddy paddy field.

While the bulls run across the paddy fields, hundreds of villagers gather around filling the air with excitement.

The racers are trained experts, handling bulls during the race. The bulls for the paddy field race are specially culled from the best fed and trained ones.

Each pair of bulls is managed by about two to three farmers who act as their guides. They enter the competition as one unit. (ANI)