Worldfloat launches ‘video Twitter’ for celebrities

New Delhi, March 3: Worldfloat, India’s home grown social networking site with over 45 million users, has introduced a new feature called “viralx” that provide real-time access to videos mostly shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

“Worldfloat viralx are like trending news of Twitter except in a video news version only and not like Twitter which is mostly text based or video links based. We play videos directly upfront on the viralx page,” said Worldfloat founder Pushkar Mahatta.

He said viralx offers access to latest real-time video news from all over the world and Internet. “These viral videos are videos which are getting mostly shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels of Internet and TV channels like BBC, CNN and Fox News.”

Drawing a comparision between Worldfloat’s new feature with those of leading social networking sites, Mahatta said: “Twitter’s main focus is to broadcast public views of trending celebrities and their conversations via text and video and photo links and the main focus of Worldfloat viralx is to broadcast upfront trending video news of celebrities directly via videos, not via links of videos or text.”

In Worldfloat viralx you can not only watch the videos of trending topics from around the world but also type in a celebrity name and see their latest viral videos and their life happenings and events and movies and music.

Viralx is a direct video broadcast of viral celebrities and their trending life and events.

We see many celebrity news channels publish text news and photos of celebrities along with videos of celebrities but latest viral videos only of all celebrities and their lives are a special feature of Worldfloat viralx.

“From top to bottom in celebrities viralx we show videos from the latest videos to the older videos based on time events of the celebrities and their life and happening. We are featuring in viralx all kinds of celebrities like movie celebrities, political celebrities, music and cricket celebrities,” Mahatta said.

Viralx videos get updated every hour and shows only the latest one. It shows high trending videos from various topics like latest music videos, latest funny videos, latest technology videos, latest movie trailers, Bollywood and Hollywood news.

Mahatta said viralx is the first viral video news broadcast channel for the online internet world in India.

“We imagine viralx to be like the TV for the Internet showing latest news from mixed channels and extreme high trends of the social networking worlds of the Internet. Worldfloat viralx is a new feature from Worldfloat among its other features like free online movies, news and social networking,” he said