Only 24 percent Czech people support adopting euro

Prague, April 2: Half of the Czech people believes that euro will remain as the common European Union (EU) currency, but only 24 percent of them supports the euro introduction in the Czech Republic, said a poll released Tuesday.

The supporters for euro is almost 7 percentage points more than one and a half years ago due to the decrease in the number of the euro’s resolute opponents, reported Xinhua citing the research conducted by STEM agency on March 11-20.

According to the survey, the people who supports the introduction of euro in Czech are often young people, college educated, politically-minded and well-off people.

Over a quarter of people, 26 percent, think that the euro will remain a common currency in the EU member states, but not support its introduction in Czech.

Czech people are pessimistic at the euro’s outlooks, 48 percent of them are clearly against the euro, and this number was 61 percent two years ago.

The result shows that half of Czech people reject euro as a Czech currency and at the same time do not believe it has a future.